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MailPlus General Pre Sales & Billing FAQ

If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQs or if you need advice or assistance with any sales, service or technical support related matter you can contact us via email at service@mailplus.cloud or complete and submit our online contact form.

These are the MailPlus Product, Pre-sales and Billing FAQs. For technical and support related questions see the MailPlus Technical Support FAQs.

The MailPlus Spam Firewall is a hosted email gateway appliance incorporating a comprehensive Spam and Virus filtering solution that ensures all email arriving at your mail server and network is Spam and Virus free. The MailPlus system provides an integrated Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus solution offering complete email protection at the "network perimeter" level, before unwanted or potentially dangerous and costly email reaches your network or mail server. The MailPlus is positioned "in front" of your existing email server and is able to immediately start working to block and filter up to 98% or more of all Spam/UCE (“unsolicited commercial email”) and Virus infected emails using it's default "out of the box" settings alone. For more information on how the MailPlus Spam Firewall works see How the MailPlus Works or view the MailPlus Online Operations Manual.

Simply place your order online to obtain a free 30-Day Trial of an MailPlus Spam Firewall. No credit card or other payment details are initially required. Your MailPlus system is usually set up and ready for service within 1-6 hours of your placing your online order.

You can use and evaluate your MailPlus system for up to 30 days. After that, you will be contacted to see if you wish to continue with the service. If you decide not to continue with the service for any reason there will be no charges due or payable. The first 30 days is always free, after that if you are not satisfied with your new service for any reason there is no obligation to continue and no payment is due or expected.

Depending on the type of MailPlus system ordered you can expect to be in receipt of your login and configuration details within 1-6 hours. Other factors that can influence the setup time are completeness of your order and in particular whether valid and verifiable contact details (email address, domain name etc) have been provided. Once your MailPlus is online and ready for service you will receive a setup letter from our technical support department that will include all of the relevant login and configuration details for the system. Once you have received the configuration and login details to your MailPlus system you will need to log in and set up the system for the domain(s) you will be providing email scanning and filtering for. After this has been done you will need to modify the MX records of your domain(s) to route email to your MailPlus system for processing. More information on modifying MX records can be found in the Setting up MX Records section of the MailPlus Operations Manual.

There are no setup fees involved for any of our services unless you need to have non-standard software installed or have special pre-setup, installation or configuration requirements.

The MailPlus Spam Firewall system is ideal for ISPs, Web Hosting Providers and Hosting Resellers who are looking for an "off the shelf" solution and wanting to minimize inhouse development and maintenance as much as possible while reducing the load on their mail servers and networks, as well as realizing savings on bandwidth, administrative and support costs. The MailPlus system is a complete "out of the box" solution that is very easy to implement. There is no expensive hardware to purchase, no server to build, no software to install and configure, no compatibility issues, no on-going maintenance issues, and no steep "learning curve" involved. You can be up and running within a few hours and seeing an immediate reduction of up to a 98% or more of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email being delivered to your email server and email account users. Unlike other anti-spam solutions, the MailPlus Spam Firewall reduces the load placed on your existing email server and network by off-loading the task of both Spam and Virus processing and filtering, effectively reducing the volume of Spam, Viruses and other unwanted email reaching your email server by up to 98%. In addition to the benefits gained from outsourcing and off-loading the task of Spam and Virus Filtering the MailPlus can also be an additional and profitable value added service that you can offer your existing and potential clients. Reseller discounts are available for ISPs, Web Hosting Resellers, VARs, MSPs and other IT professionals. Custom "OEM" or "white label" versions of the MailPlus system are also available that you can completely "re-brand" with your own logo, product or brand names so that you can market and sell the service as your own. For more information on this please complete and submit our Reseller / Partner Enquiry Form.