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For Government Organizations Optimized Email Security

Save Costs, Secure your Network &
Increase Business Reputation

Stop Spam and Viruses

Secure your network from spam, viruses and phishing attempts. Deploy our Incoming and Outgoing Filtering solutions to secure email continuity, protect users and IPs from balcklisting.

Archive Emails for Compliance

Due to the amount of business data it contains, loosing emails is a tragedy. Implement Email Archiving, a critical tool to preserve a secure back-up of all email and be legally compliant!

Save Costs

Protect your entire network with our highly competitive bulk user-based licenses which come at a fraction of the competitors' prices. Take advantage of our Lowest Price Guarantee compared to others.

SaaS Solutions

MailPlus Cloud gateway solution will solve your email security problems and ensure email continuity. Messages are filtered and archived in the Local Cloud software directly deployed on your IT distributor’s network, or in the MailPlus Hosted Cloud, spread over multiple datacenters.

End-Clients Control

All MailPlus solutions come with highly intuitive user-friendly interfaces. Empowering your end-clients over their mail-flows further reduces your support and increases client satisfaction. The system works out of the box.

Tons of more features!

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