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Why are MailPlus anti-spam solutions
the best for Enterprises?

SaaS Solutions

MailPlus Cloud gateway solution will solve your email security problems and ensure email continuity. Messages are filtered and archived in the Local Cloud software directly deployed on your IT distributor’s network, or in the MailPlus Hosted Cloud, spread over multiple datacenters.

Redundancy and Monitoring

MailPlus systems are in real-time sync with the central databases to receive the latest intel on spam and virus outbreaks. Moreover, the software is 24/7 monitored and managed by the MailPlus team to always perform at its best!

Full Email Control

MailPlus offers the most advanced system on the market that works out of the box and is super intuitive and compatible with all mail platforms. The user-friendly GUI has several access levels and options, leaving you in full control over your email. It could not be easier!

Friendly Support

MailPlus has a fast, friendly, and focused support team. If you need additional assurance, there are several Premium Support Contracts to choose from.

Happy Cost Savings

Protect your entire network with our highly competitive bulk user-based licenses which come at a fraction of the competitors' prices. Take advantage of our Lowest Price Guarantee compared to others.

Tons of more features!

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